About Sarah Roller

Sarah Roller, effective listener and spreadsheet enthusiast

I started tracking my expenses in college (yes, I was that cool). Initially, I just wanted to know how much I spent per month. After a few months of tracking, I found it really interesting to see how I was spending my money. It prompted me to reflect on my values, and evaluate if my spending was in alignment. This practice was the start of my journey into the world of personal finance.

Financial coaching for women and new parents

I started my business with a focus of working with young women. I think there is a particular lack of financial confidence in this group. I enjoy helping women unpack the unhelpful narratives they may have received from society or the people around them. 

More recently, I’ve started working with a lot of new parents/couples. The costs associated with a new baby, coupled with the huge shift in personal priorities, can make this stage of life very financially stressful. 

As parent with 2 little kids myself, I’m very familiar with the challenges (and sleep deprivation) that new parents are going through. I enjoy helping them feel more confident with how they are spending their money, while also building their future as a family.

Member of :
Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education (AFCPE)®
Financial Coaches Network (FCN)®

The AFCPE is the nationally recognized leader in financial counseling, coaching and education.

Financial Coaches Network provides training, technology, and operational support to help me be more successful as a financial coach. Being a member means I have the resources to focus less on my business and focus more on serving you