Feel confident about how you are spending your money

Money doesn't have to feel like a constant struggle

After adding all the new expenses, from diapers to daycare, there probably isn’t much left over. Many parents feel guilty spending money on themselves, or on conveniences, like a housekeeper or meal delivery service, that make the household run more smoothly. But with a clearer understanding of exactly where your money is going, and what your priorities are, it becomes easier to find room for the things that bring you joy (or allow you get a just a little more sleep).

Having a baby causes a major shift in priorities. You may suddenly realize your home no longer works for your family. Or perhaps you are wondering if being a stay at home parent is feasible. It can feel overwhelming to try to anticipate the financial impact of big life decisions. 

We will work together to identify the potential implications, and strategies to make changes that will work best for you and your family. 


Spend in a way that serves you and your family

I can help you enjoy this stage, without losing sight of long term goals
  • Evaluate which expenses add the most benefit to your life now
  • Consider how your values & priorities have shifted
  • Create a plan for long term goals 
  • Build conveniences and personal spending into the budget, so you don’t feel guilty spending on yourself

Understanding your options

You may have felt like you were handling your money well enough before you had kids, but as your family grows, the pressure to make all the right choices grows too.

 You may be worried that you aren’t saving enough for the future, or perhaps you are saving, but don’t know if you are investing in the right types of accounts. For a lot of parents, not knowing if they should be prioritizing retirement or college savings, means they end up delaying prioritizing either. 

According to a 2022 Childcare Aware of America report, on average, a married couple with an infant in California pays 16.7% of their income on daycare.


The cost of childcare can make it incredibly difficult for parents, especially parents with multiple children, to make ends meet, let alone make progress towards their goals.