Supporting you through your financial journey

Helping you take control of your personal finances

Without a plan, future milestones, like a big trip,  a wedding, or your children’s education, may feel out of reach. By getting clear on what your priorities are, it’s easier to find the path forward, and it’s more motivating to stay on track.

How Coaching Works

Free 20 minute
Discovery Call

Learn whether coaching is a good fit for you, during this no pressure conversation. 

Clarity Session

 Get clear on your current financial situation. Identify your goals and discover key steps to achieving them. 

4 Month Financial Foundation Coaching Program

Learn to effectively implement the steps outlined in the Clarity Session, with on-going strategies, support and accountability.

Clarity Session

It’s hard to plan for the future if you don’t know where you are starting from. In this 2-hour zoom call you will get a clear understanding of your current financial picture. We will talk about your goals and any specific pain points or challenges you may be struggling with. 

After the session you will receive a custom Financial Life Checklist, outlining key action steps to work towards your goals and ensure you are on the right financial track. 

For some clients, this may be the first time they’ve had an open conversation about their money. If this is you, know that you aren’t alone. 

4 Month Financial Foundation Coaching Program

 After the Clarity Session, you will have the option to move onto the 4 Month Financial Foundation Coaching Program. During the program we will cover a number of topics to enhance your understanding of how to make money work for you

We will set up a system that allows you to better understand where your money is actually going. Once you have a better understanding of how you are spending your money,  you can make more informed decisions about how you actually WANT to be spending your money. 

In discussing your values, we will assess if your spending is in alignment. How you choose to spend money will look  different from everyone else, there isn’t a script to follow, it should be based on what you value most. 

We will explore your emotional relationship to moneyWe’ve all subconsciously picked up a lot of messages about money, and often they are quite flawed. Understanding the lens that you see money through will allow you evaluate if the lessons you learned about money are actually serving you.

Throughout the process we will review basic money concepts, helping you to feel more financially literate.

Personalized Plan

A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. We create a plan to fit you, where you are at right now.


A great plan is useless if you don’t follow through. Frequent check-ins help you stay the course, and adjust the plan if needed.

No Judgement

Money is often tied to feelings of shame or embarrassment. This is a safe space to learn and grow. 

Confidence in your financial future

At the end of the program, you will feel more in control of your finances. You will see the path forward, and be equipped to handle the bumps ing the road that are inevitably going to come up. You will have a greater sense of control over your progress.